A picture of a Fortigate 60e firewall.


I built and maintain a "homelab" which acts as a development environment for testing ideas, projects, and learning about different tools. I set up, and maintain, about 20 virtual machines running across 4 physical servers. The hardware includes Dell poweredge servers, VOIP phones, a managed switch, and a collection of recycled computers. The lab is currently setup with an opnsense router, running an openVPN server, and the vms are set with default credentials for testing various security applications on a simulated corporate network.

A snip-it of a general info script written in Powershell.


I have developed apps in many languages, and have been learning programming since I was in high school. I have skills in C++, Python, and Java, but lately I have been focusing on Powershell, and bash scripts. It doesn't take me very long to pick up new languages. It only took me a few months to become proficient enough in python to write an encrypted messaging app, and it only took me 9 hours to learn Powershell well enough to write a 100 line script to make mass account changes across an Active Directory.

My Github
All the Virtual Machines setup on my Proxmox cluster.


I am a senior at UCI, majoring in Computer Science. I have a 3.7 GPA, and participate in multiple hacking clubs including CCDC, and CPTC.

All the Virtual Machines setup on my Proxmox cluster.

The "LAB"

80% Complete

Using the publicly available ova images from WRCCDC, I am recreating the 2021 completion network. I am using multiple proxmox machines, in a cluster, to host all the different VMs. I am using OPNsense for remote access using OpenVPN, and to test different network configurations. Currently, I still need to finish setting up my firewall to properly segregate the network, and finish connecting the machines to each other, as all the IPs have changed.

A snip-it of a general info script written in Powershell.

Don't Forget Her Birthday

15% Complete

I am in the early stages of an Android app that automatically sends a text to friends and relatives on their birthday's. Currently, I have a basic layout, grabbing a random message from a list, and the message sending functions setup correctly. I still need to implement a schedule to check for birthdays, contact integration, calendar integration, and the ability to set a time of day to send the message.

Screenshot of a basic Battleship game.

The Battleship Projects

When I was teaching myself different programming languages, I built a basic Battleship game in the console. I have made games in C++, C#, and Java. They are some of the most fun projects I have done, and each version shows new things I learned from the previous versions. This was also my first time making an AI to battle against.

My Github
Some of the PHP code used to make the fake website.

PHP Fake Website

I created this project to show how fake websites can have you create an account and then use the credentials you input on other websites to see if you reuse passwords. This was extremely fun, and surprisingly simple to do. I even learned about salted hashes to store the passwords in a more secure manner.

Screenshot of my Fortigate dashboard.


I have set up multiple firewalls for experimentation. These include opnSense, Pfsense, and Fortinet. This has always been really cool to me, because I learned about interesting tools to check network traffic for viruses, as well as having instant access to the network via VPN.